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An exceptional opportunity is available now. At ELFS, personal service is the key to our strong customer relationships.  ELFS’ personalized service tenets result in excellent customer retention. Join ELFS and increase your ability to win bigger clients while expanding your operations and logistics capabilities. It’s a good deal. Even better, it’s a great deal for you! How and why?


ELFS provides an efficient financing system. It’s a well-oiled machine that is a tremendous asset for you.  Agencies are paid weekly based off the previous week's billed shipments.  You’ll benefit by receiving payments weekly to support a healthy cash flow for your operation- a core ingredient to success. And, thus, you never have to worry about having a cash flow problem

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Going beyond what you’ve planned as an independent business can lead to some terrific challenges and often results in stagnation and or growing pains.  Imagine scaling your operation beyond your plans, in a shorter period.  Grow your footprint. Increase service offerings.  Experience unlimited growth and immeasurable opportunities ahead.  Becoming an ELFS Partner enables you to make your growth plans a reality.


Becoming an ELFS Agent helps in many ways. Your day-to-day operations transform with a new ability to buy goods and outsourced services as a larger entity. When you partner with ELFS, you’ll be able to take advantage of the ability to negotiate from a position of greater strength. Consider the substantial benefits derived with enhanced buying power. Imagine a future gaining an advantage over your competitors with increased buying power. Win more business. Grow your business with a competitive advantage in head to head competition for new customers.  When a competitor is vying for your customers, getting on the right side of economies of scale positively changes your path.



When it comes to technology, ELFS is determined to lead the industry in providing the latest technology to our team.  We have worked with our clients and have built our technology platform based on what our customers believe is important.  We have partnered with one of the leading technology companies in our industry to customize and bring those customer requirements into a focused software solution. This software allows ELFS to be more successful and to think, work and communicate more effectively.  There is only one way to do it right: With solutions specifically designed for each customer, situation, and transportation need.


ELFS is a Sales Driven Company.   Consider the advantages of having an advanced in-house marketing department - with a marketing-driven approach. As an ELFS partner, our Marketing Team is your marketing team. The team works with you and on your behalf to promote your business, introduce new services and more through direct sales, promotional items, print, and digital assets.

  • Fully integrated, customizable marketing plans and sales campaigns.

  • Proven marketing tools, including local sales blitz initiatives.

  • Promotional items to help develop those personal customer relationships.

  • Sales literature and bid support packages with customizable presentation templates, print pieces, and micro campaigning items

  • Digital marketing solutions with industry knowledge and the advantage of buying power.


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