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Customs Brokerage Services

Expedited Logistics and Freight Services LLC (ELFS), a Houston Licensed Customs Broker and Houston Freight Forwarding company, invites you to discover our commitment in providing effective freight forwarding solutions from Houston and other destinations to your global transportation requirements. We are a full-service Houston freight forwarder, licensed customs broker, and logistics provider offering quality services at competitive prices. We will assess your complete freight forwarding and distribution needs and tailor a service to meet your requirements.


Regardless of the mode of transportation, import clearance can be a stressful, complicated process. Our highly motivated, professional staff will gladly take on the burden of navigating that process for you. Supported by software and systems designed by us, for you, as well as compliance-driven processes, we can take the stress out of the process for you. We will do our best to do it better than anyone else. We have volumes of experience with customhouse brokerage so we understand what you need and the importance of being Customs compliant the first time around. We will do our utmost to accomplish this task with minimal impact to you.


As an ABI broker, our Customs' Automated Broker Interface allows us to obtain clearance before your cargo is discharged. How? By presenting entry documents electronically, 24/7, to Customs prior to the arrival of the cargo. ABI broker status also grants us participation in EIP, (Electronic Invoice Program), enabling us to clear cargo at any qualified US Port of Entry via Remote Location Filing (RLF). The benefit for you is one point of contact instead of dealing with different contacts in every port, regardless of where your cargo may be entering the USA. As a participant in Custom's Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), we can offer clients with their own Automated Clearinghouse account with US Customs the opportunity to participate in the Periodic Monthly Statements (PMS) program. These vital tools are just one part in our process of delivering unsurpassed service.

Every client is unique, so we give our staff the ability to build and practice processes tailored to meet each customers' needs. These processes are event-focused to allow for the detailed reporting that helps us evaluate the import process throughout its entirety. To provide you with peace of mind, you can easily follow the details using our web based tracking system. These processes are a mechanism, driven by a dedicated team of people.


As a participant in C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), we recognize the importance of security throughout the import supply chain. Because of terror threats, Customs regulations are constantly changing. Our internal audit system ensures our staff is up-to-date on the most current regulations so you can be advised of new requirements. Along with U.S. Customs, we stay well informed as to the regulations of other government agencies.

  • ABI (automated broker interface)

  • ACH (automated clearing house)

  • Accurate Tariff Classification

  • Bond QP Processing / Cancellation

  • Trade Services Consultation

  • Global Pre-Clearance (when applicable)

  • Electronic Filing and Duty Payment

  • Single Entry & Continuous Customs Bonds

  • USMCA Expertise

  • Outport Clearance

  • ISF (10+2) Importer Security Filing

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