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Do you or your clients have a need for onsite inventory management? ELFS, LLC has a proven track record of implementing comprehensive state-of-the-art VMI Solutions designed to strengthen client/vendor relationships. By partnering with ELFS, we will help increase your speed to revenue for new solutions, decrease your costs for existing solutions, and provide the flexibility you need in an ever-evolving marketplace. We provide transparent inventory visibility and the tools needed for tracking PO#s and line item sales in an onsite inventory environment. Each VMI Solution is specifically tailored to meet each clients' individual needs, and coordinated through ELFS dedicated VMI Operations team and trained onsite specialists.

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The ELFS business model allows us to provide our partners with the flexibility they need to reduce overhead and always feel confident their needs and the needs of their clients are being met.

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ELFS innovative vendor managment software solution utilizes an Android phone app that is completely customizable to meet your specific needs, and because we have already developed the software, there is no large initial investment required from our partners.

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