ELFS, LLC is licensed in the warehousing and distribution of hazardous material. Following all legislative guidelines and restrictions, ELFS, LLC uses direct delivery and integrated transport facilities to ship dangerous goods including chemical and classified products. ELFS is your trusted freight forwarding service provider for any hazardous materials shipping and warehousing.

Hazardous Material Services include:

Warehousing Dangerous Goods: ELFS LLC helps you maximize your warehouse and inventory process, which translates to higher customer service and satisfaction. Our time-tested, strategically sourced inventory and warehouse management process allows you to focus on your core business, reducing unnecessary overhead.


Distributing Hazardous Material: ELFS, LLC accepts hazardous material for domestic and international distribution, ensuring the customer's material is first packaged in compliance with IATA/ICAO regulations. By strict adherence to local, federal and international regulations, ELFS, LLC safeguards your product, your liability and the environment.


Distribution Projects: ELFS, LLC offers hazardous material warehousing and distribution consultation to your organization, enabling it to develop world-class, environmentally-safe movement of dangerous goods around the globe, to and from your warehouses.